Example messages to be sent via Watsapp

Please feel free to copy and paste the below messages into your Watsapp groups to share the information with your organisation.

Messages to introduce the short video of Laurence Saffer’s elevator pitch.

  • Watch Laurence Saffer the Managing Director of LSI explain the business energy opportunity through ACN. Take a look at it and make sure you share it! Lets make sure everyone knows. 
  • Introducing business customers to LSI is as simple as 1 - 2 -3 watch this video of Laurence Saffer explaining the process. Its really worth a watch. 

Messages to introduce the short video on the business energy opportunity, providing IBO’s with example businesses to contact.

  • Business energy, how to identify good opportunities. If you find this video useful share it with your organisation.
  • If your having trouble thinking of businesses to introduce to LSI take a look at this video, its really helpful. Share it with your organisation.

Messages to entice IBO’s to visit the video page on the LSI webapp and to start viewing the information.

  • Everyone, remember if you know of any businesses, make sure to introduce them to LSI. Find out more about the opportunity by watching some of LSI’s great videos.
  • If you haven’t sent any business energy leads through to LSI yet take a look at their short videos and see how easy it is.

Messages to reassure IBO’s that they can feel confident in introducing LSI and linking them to the customer testimonial video.

  • ACN’s business energy partner LSI can save businesses large sums of money on their energy bills. Watch this video reference.
  • Feel confident when introducing your customers to LSI. They can help businesses save lots of money. Watch this video reference.

Message to introduce the LSI tracking tool via the webapp.

Message to remind IBO’s that everything they need is available to download via the webapp.

Message to remind IBO’s to check out the retail bonus information on the webapp.