You will need the following details in order to proceed

In order to proceed you will need the following:

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  • Customer Detailscheck
  • Clear image of your customers energy bills (ALL pages)check

Has your customer moved into the property in the last 3 months? (Please choose YES or No)

LSI require the following piece of information:

star Please note your lead will not be processed if you do not supply this information when asked

By clicking 'Confirm' you agree that you have supplied all the information required to submit your lead. If you do not include all the above information LSI Energy will email you and advise that your lead can not be processed. It will then be your responsibility to collect the missing information and re-upload the lead.

LSI Energy takes the privacy of our customer's data seriously and we do everything we can to ensure we comply to both the Data Protection Act and the newer GDPR Regulations. It is important that our customers know that their data will only be used for the purpose of assisting in the setting up of any chosen energy contract or related service through LSI Energy.

IBO – If you are an ACN IBO by agreeing to this statement you accept that you've read and understood in full the updated ACN Privacy Policy and that you are conducting your business in line with the agreement. If you are completing this lead form on behalf of someone else please ensure that your customer is happy for you to pass their details to LSI Energy as your name will be mentioned when LSI Energy first make contact. By ticking the box provided you are agreeing to the stated terms. For further information on LSI Energy’s Privacy Statement please see our website privacy notice.

Customer – If you are the customer, by ticking the box provided you are agreeing to be contacted by LSI Energy and we can use your data for the purpose of fulfilling our obligation to quote on your next energy contract. In addition, if you become a customer of LSI Energy you will be kept up to date with industry related information. However, you will be free to unsubscribe at any time. For further information on LSI Energy’s Privacy Statement please see our website terms.